• Julie Roberts

    Is your event coordinator

    Did you know she is an active volunteer and is willing to testify to a congressional committee?

    Julie Roberts

    Overall RAP Index: 3.8

  • Davis Jackson

    Works as an executive assistant

    Did you know he plays in a golf foursome with the Congressman?

    Davis Jackson

    Overall RAP Index: 3.5

  • Valerie Adams

    Is a decade long member of your association

    Did you know she is married to the Senator?

    Valerie Adams

    Overall RAP Index: 3.8

  • Charles Jenkins

    Manages your membership

    Did you know he grew up across the street from the Governor?

    Charles Jenkins

    Overall RAP Index: 3.2

  • Pete Hasselhoff

    Works in human resources

    Did you know he goes to church with two Congressmen?

    Pete Hasselhoff

    Overall RAP Index: 3.4

  • Suzanne Reed

    Is the newest member of your association

    Did you know she hosts an annual BBQ with the Representative’s wife?

    Suzanne Reed

    Overall RAP Index: 3.6

  • Henry Keller

    Is a clerk on the 3rd floor

    Did you know he was college roommates with the Senator?

    Henry Keller

    Overall RAP Index: 3.3

  • Sophie Hendricks

    Is your social media manager

    Did you know her older sister is a County Councilperson?

    Sophie Hendricks

    Overall RAP Index: 3.5

  • Brantley Thompson

    Is a new member of your organization

    Did you know he is the Senator’s nephew?

    Brantley Thompson

    Overall RAP Index: 3.5

  • Chris Johnson

    Works in your marketing department

    Did you know he is on the board of the Chamber of Commerce?

    Chris Johnson

    Overall RAP Index: 3.2

  • Shannon West

    Plans your annual conferences

    Did you know she is a PAC donor and is very interested in hosting an event?

    Shannon West

    Overall RAP Index: 3.4

  • David Treas

    Serves on your association's board

    Did you know he regularly attends public meetings and political events?

    David Treas

    Overall RAP Index: 3.7

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