Mass mobilization has a place, but nothing can take the place of personal relationships with key elected officials.


Assess the ability and willingness of your organization's people. Mobilize the right advocates, the right way.

Political Capital

Raise your sphere of influence—identify opportunities for your key stakeholders to engage and influence policy makers through authentic advocacy.

Why It Matters:
Get the right message. To the right Person. The right way.

Despite new technology and data-driven content, public policy is still determined by one key thing: personal relationships.

Comprised of advocacy experts, the RAP Team has developed proprietary software to bring people together like never before. To have true impact to move the policy makers that move issues it is critical that organizations uncover the powerful, often "hidden" relationships amongst their own members or employees. RAP Index is a sophisticated, highly targeted tool that enables you to influence policy makers through authentic advocacy.


Quality vs. Quantity

74% of congressional staff value relationship-based advocacy over form communication and batch emails.