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Rap Index

A game changer in the world of advocacy

In 1998, after years of working on political campaigns, Chip Felkel launched his own strategic communications and issue-advocacy consulting shop. Through his work over the years with numerous Fortune 500 companies, national associations, and large coalitions, Felkel recognized that "something critical" was missing from the advocacy arena.  "Organizations never seemed to have a firm grasp on what relationships their own stakeholders had with elected officials," he says, "or who their best internal advocates could or should be."

A unique relationship-based advocacy software is born

Chip's realization led he and a team of advocacy experts to create RAP Index: a revolutionary, easy-to-use, web-based tool that uncovers hidden personal relationships between stakeholders and public officials. RAP Index was specifically designed to enable clients to find the right stakeholder, to deliver the right message, in the right way. Since its first beta launch in 2008, RAP Index has gone from being a "great idea" to becoming a proven software solution that effectively promotes "authentic advocacy." Venture capital funding was secured in 2012, allowing for the expansion of the RAP Index offering, further enhancing the technology and allowing Chip and the RAP Team to bring "a common sense approach to advocacy programs across the country."

A new day in the world of advocacy

The old methods of form communication and batch emails no longer work in the advocacy arena. In fact, 74% of congressional staff prefer personal relationships to form communication. (Congressional Management Foundation) "It's simple," Chip explains. "Quality trumps quantity. Organizations who accept that mass form communications are not the most effective way to get their message heard are now turning to RAP Index. It's a much better way to influence the policy makers that move the issues."

Personal relationships are the key

Our clients - a wide variety of associations, non-profits, organizations, and businesses - see the immense value of putting their own people back into the public-policy process.  It's authentic. And it works. This foreword-thinking approach to advocacy, as utilized by the NFIB, was recognized by National Journal as a best practice in DC advocacy.

Today, RAP Index serves a growing list of groups across the geographic and political spectrum, adding innovation, authenticity, and ultimately, effectiveness, to their advocacy efforts.