5 C’s of Effective Communication

By Andy Krakowski

At a conference earlier this month focused on storytelling and advocacy, we heard something that we had to share. You probably know that the most successful way to be heard by an elected official is to deliver the message from a constituent who has a relationship with the legislator and an authentic story to tell. What many forget is that the messenger must be seen as an effective communicator – but what does that mean?

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5 questions to ask when building your Ambassador program

By Brian Aufmuth

When building and managing an Ambassador program, there are a variety of factors that you must take in to consideration if you are to be successful. Today, we look at 5 questions to ask when building your Ambassador program:

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New Speaker? New Chairman of House Ways and Means? No problem.

In politics, one thing is inevitable – change. Whether it comes through the ballot box, an unfortunate death, term limits or an unexpected resignation, there will always be a continual shift in who holds office and who’s in leadership positions at the state and federal level. When change happens, will you be ready?

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Game On!

By Andy Krakowski September is by far the best month for sports in the whole year. Football fans have college and NFL seasons kicking off, and baseball fans are immersed in playoff races, adding drama to every pitch and every game. NBA and NHL preseasons are ramping up and parents and kids of all ages [...]

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Alumni offer higher education institutions tremendous advocacy potential

by Bridget Nutt The potential for growing and enhancing the advocacy program for any institution for higher education is stronger than most others because of the intense loyalty of alumni, faculty and staff. This reality became even clearer to us when we recently attended the Public Higher Education Legislative Advocacy Professionals (PHELAP) 2015 Conference. Here [...]

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