RAP Index gets nod in Fortune Magazine: Organizations turning to authentic advocacy

By Charles Richardson The world of advocacy has forever changed. The days of throwing large sums of money at lobbyist and politicians to influence policy is no longer effective. Traditional lobbying initiatives that have worked in the past are no longer valid. Bulk emails, form letters, faceless petitions, and the like have become ineffective at [...]

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Authentic Advocacy, a key theme at the 2015 PAC Grassroots Conference

By Chip Felkel Greetings from RAP Index, Just back from the 2015 Public Affairs Council (PAC) National Grassroots Conference in Key West and we’re still feeling the energy and momentum of that terrific three-day event: so many great insights from industry veterans as well as productive discussions with a number of thought leaders. I know [...]

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The ground’s still shaking from November elections: How’s your advocacy footing?

By Brian Aufmuth · How will foreign trade policy affect your business in 2015? · What critical federal regulations could impact your organization? · What tax reform issues keep you up at night? · How will you—and your employees—survive healthcare increases? These are just some of the many dire questions facing associations, organizations and businesses [...]

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The RAP Index Advantage

From all of us at RAP Index, we hope you have an enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving! Hopefully, you will succeed in avoiding anything work related. Should we find your mind wandering back to work from time to time we thought we would share one small aspect of the advantage RAP Index clients enjoy – especially following elections. [...]

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New RAP Index-sponsored CMF Study Released

The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF), “a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to help Congress and its Members meet the evolving needs and expectations of an engaged and informed citizenry.” RAP Index is a proud sponsor of CMF’s latest study from its Partnership for a More Perfect Union program. Key findings of the report include: “93% of House schedulers indicated [...]

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