Game On!

By Andy Krakowski September is by far the best month for sports in the whole year. Football fans have college and NFL seasons kicking off, and baseball fans are immersed in playoff races, adding drama to every pitch and every game. NBA and NHL preseasons are ramping up and parents and kids of all ages [...]

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Alumni offer higher education institutions tremendous advocacy potential

by Bridget Nutt The potential for growing and enhancing the advocacy program for any institution for higher education is stronger than most others because of the intense loyalty of alumni, faculty and staff. This reality became even clearer to us when we recently attended the Public Higher Education Legislative Advocacy Professionals (PHELAP) 2015 Conference. Here [...]

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The innovative RAP Index Advocacy Tool: Effective because it works

By Charles Richardson When RAP Founder, Chip Felkel, tells people that RAP Index is a revolutionary advocacy software that helps organizations of every shape and size locate and leverage key personal relationships with policy makers, they invariably ask: It sounds complicated. How does it work? In truth, nothing could be further from, uh, well…the truth. [...]

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Don’t let the August recess stop the momentum of your advocacy efforts

By Charles Richardson The month of August heralds a number of significant events on the American calendar. Summer is beginning to wind down. School is about to start back. The NFL is in Preseason mode. And Members of Congress (MOC) will be on a month-long sabbatical. The latter can be particularly frustrating for organizations that [...]

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Traditional tactics are killing advocacy— but there is a cure: authenticity.

By Charles Richardson The digital era is wreaking havoc on traditional forms of communication, advocacy among them. In fact, the current world of advocacy is in short supply of authenticity. The old, tired methods of form communication and batch emails no longer work. Despite new technology and data-driven content, public policy is still determined by [...]

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