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ICYMI – Statehouse Report: What can you do to spur change?

The Statehouse Report recently posted an article on tactics you can take to be successful in advocacy. If you are interested in advocacy this quick article is worth your time:

By Andy Brack, editor and publisher | With cynicism about government, voter discontent and the zeal for change seemingly at an all-time high, people are talking about how to get the government in gear and working.

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From Chaos, Now Opportunity for More Effective Advocacy

by Chip Felkel

The chaos and craziness of the 2016 Election Cycle, is over. As is so often the case, out of chaos, now comes tremendous opportunity for you and your team’s advocacy efforts. Rest assured that elected officials at the state and particularly the federal level have heard the voters, loud and clear: Get to work. End the gridlock. Make tough decisions and show us the government is capable of governing. The GOP control of the White House, the Senate and the Congress has come with a price – put up or shut up. There is going to be some action, and soon.

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