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ROI: What should you be earning on your investment in advocacy?

By Chip Felkel

The short answer: Political Capital.

With three decades of public affairs work with a wide range of clients and projects, I’ve seen what organizations must have to get a solid ROI out of their respective advocacy programs. It’s much more than the money they have and spend. The truth is, a lot of well-funded organizations have under performing advocacy efforts because they spend far too much on activities that produce very little long-term value. These “programs” provide cover in reporting to the board or management but some seem more focused on making sure the staff is busy (or can claim to be) instead of executing on things that will be externally effective…

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Thanks to Game-Changing Technology, Key Contact Advocacy Is No Longer a “Pie-in-the-Sky” Idea

By Sarah G. Dennis

Imagine starting every day knowing exactly how many key contact advocates your organization has for every member of the federal, state and county government and federal and state legislative committees that concern you.

Now let your mind wander over how you could maximize your resources, focus your time and target your efforts on building personal relationships with your strongest key contacts or execute targeted calls-to-action on a moment’s notice.

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Top 5 Excuses For Not Having a Key Contact Program

Here is a simple fact: The most effective way to deliver your message to a lawmaker is through a constituent who has a relationship with the lawmaker. If you disagree, then stop reading now. And still, while a lot of government affairs professionals know this they continue to risk their organization’s success, and frankly, their own professional reputation, by relying primarily on social media posts and mass emails to mobilizing their advocates and influence legislators. Is that smart? Is that safe?

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