NFIB RAP Index Use Labeled “Disruptive Advocacy”

In this year’s Annual Summit, National Journal is presenting its members “best practices” in what it is calling “disruptive advocacy.”

As part of their analysis, National Journal selected the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and their Rap Index-powered advocacy efforts.

In addition to NFIB’s efforts, we were thrilled to find that RAP Index is uniquely designed for a number of the best practices put forward in the report. Among National Journal’s findings were:

  • “Advocate Profiling: Discovery and deployment processes that efficiently uncover information about individuals’ policy interests, pre-existing relationships with legislators, and engagement preferences. The result: rapid identification and efficient engagement of “ideal” message-carriers for any specific advocacy need.”
  • “Local Advocacy Ambassadors: Efficient formation of a distributed network of advocates, many drawn from a company’s or organization’s stakeholders, who can forge new and tighter relationships between key local influencers and public officials. The result: Network of Ambassadors serves as an extension of the Capitol office to reach policymakers where they reside.”
  • “A More Responsive Advocacy Pool: By determining and selecting only the best, volunteer advocates are more engaged and responsive to requests for advocacy in legislators’ home districts and on visits to the Capitol. The result: High call-to-action responsiveness, increased awareness of the scale and voice of an organization, and advocate retention.”

RAP Index was the only technology mentioned and the only “advocacy tool” that was cited by the National Journal at the Summit.

National Journal was impressed enough with NFIB’s use of RAP Index to include their efforts in their annual member report. Isn’t it time you took a moment to find out why?

Call or email for more information (800-531-5776 or We can’t promise you National Journal will highlight your efforts, but your boss will…

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