RAP Index launches powerful Mobilize feature

RAP Index, the innovative data mining service that allows organizations to identify and mobilize stakeholders who have relationships with key elected officials, is excited to announce the launch of our latest feature – Mobilize.

Have you faced a legislative battle and needed to reach a key elected official quickly in a direct or personal way? Did you know who your best messenger was to take action?

Have you ever asked stakeholders to contact an elected official and wondered about the outcomes or the best way to track the elected officials’ responses?

RAP Index is Your solution!

RAP Index Mobilize lets you…

  • Create campaigns in a matter of minutes
  • Target the elected officials/committees that matter to you  at the state and federal level
  • Utilize valuable long-standing relationships your own people have, with those officials
  • Micro-target your action request to your best messengers and filter based on how well they know the official, how they would contact the official or even by their RAP Index score
  • Send talking points, a call to action and even a link for them to report back on their outreach
  • Quick reports to share with your team to stay on top of your progress
  • Know who you know, and take efficient and effective action

Learn more about how you can avoid being the one who asks the Senator’s college roommate to sign a generic mass email by contacting us at keycontacts@rapindex.com or 800-531-5776.

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