Dawn Bauman,
Community Associations Institute

"The number of relationships we were able to identify has expanded exponentially. We have thousands of contacts, whereas before we had a database of about 20 connections."

Michael Jacobson
U.S. Travel Association

"We could spend tens of thousands of dollars going into key districts where we need to find relationship information, or we could use a system like RAP Index and not only focus on those districts, but also get that information on a nationwide scale. "

Sharon Sussin
NFIB National Political Director

"With such a large membership, RAP Index has really helped us narrow down and find those members who want to get involved and advocate on our behalf. We have been able to identify many strong relationships our members have with their legislators and this has really helped our grassroots program."

Cody W. Lyon
American Farm Bureau Federation®

"We needed to fulfill a request to have a farmer attended a press call with a department Secretary. Using RAP Index I was able find a produce farmer who had the right story and qualifications the department was looking for. This person also had connections to the administration and leadership in Congress. In a few hours, I was able to identify, coordinate with our state affiliate, connect the farmer with the department, and prep for the call. Without RAP Index, this would have been difficult to accomplish."

Ashley Lerner

"We knew we had some good connections, but we were surprised RAP Index found so many relationships across so many states that we had no idea about."