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Relational Intelligence for
Instant Influence and Impact


Why a "SEAL Team" approach is the best solution to your advocacy challenge..


Policy makers want to hear from real people with real stories.  87% of advocacy professionals believe that the most effective advocacy involves a stakeholder who has a personal relationship with the targeted official or will have a face-to-face meeting.


Form emails no longer get the job done.  If you want to actually impact policy outcomes you need a strategy that makes your issues stand out.  Are you focused on impact metrics or noise metrics?


By building a “SEAL Team” of advocates you can be extremely targeted and focused in your advocacy campaigns.  Increase your chances of success and decrease advocate fatigue with a more strategic approach.

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RAP Index Proprietary Scoring Algorithm

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Uncover the hidden connections that exist between your advocates and policy makers.  Know where relationships exist, the strength of those relationships and where you have opportunities for growth.

Assess the ability and willingness of your advocates.  Mobilize the right advocates, the right way by separating your true advocates from those who are merely slacktivists.

Raise your sphere-of-influence and identify opportunities for your key stakeholders to engage and influence policy makers through authentic advocacy.  


Whether your challenge is getting the “right person” to engage on your behalf or not having the internal bandwidth or expertise to manage the data, we offer a solution, get you up and running, or even manage the entire program for you.

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