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RAPid Access is for intense, high-stakes, high-profile challenges and crisis situations where legislative language or perceptions must be quickly addressed, molded and managed, including:

  • Federal/state legislation

  • Zoning or permitting issues

  • Community relations and perception management

  • Regulatory comment periods

  • Procurement and business development

  • Referendums

  • Certificate of Need Campaigns

  • Public hearings

  • Media relations

Changing hearts and minds is not easy.  Today’s environment means you must be creative, targeted and you must maximize your best assets.  Whether you need personal outreach to officials, earned media, new coalition opportunities, voices for public hearings or a variety of other goals, our approach is proven and built to deliver.

Within a matter of days our team will evaluate your advocates, map out a strategy and put it into action. Our team brings a campaign mentality and decades of experience.  We understand the importance of intensity and urgency.     


We identify top advocates who are much more likely to engage in a personal and impactful way.  We identify connections with legislators/staff, media and other influencers.  We assess what advocates are willing to do, where they can have impact and where you can be most successful.  Our team of experienced advocacy professionals then works to implement a strategic game plan that maximizes these resources in pursuit of your goals.

Our Guarantee:

If we don't find actionable relationships or influential voices, we will return half of our fee. 

No questions asked.

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