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RAP Index created the key contact technology space.  While other organizations were bragging about how many form messages they were sending to Congress, we were focused on delivering authentic advocacy because we knew what worked. 

Quality trumps quantity.

RAP Index was launched by The Felkel Group after years of working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, national associations, and large coalitions on a variety of issue advocacy campaigns.  We recognized that something critical was missing from the advocacy arena.  Organizations never seemed to have a firm grasp on what relationships their own stakeholders had with elected officials or who their best internal advocates could or should be.


Starting in the late 90s, technology began making it easier for people to reach out to their elected officials, which unfortunately became a crutch for many organizations.  By relying on volume metrics, such as form emails and social media posts, organizations simply overwhelmed elected officials without substantively adding to the policy debate.  In fact, Congressional Management Foundation research shows that form messages are among the least effective way to impact an official’s position on an issue.


Our mission is to help organizations get back to personal, impactful advocacy.  We’ve applied our decades of advocacy experience into the development of a revolutionary technology that makes grasstops engagement easier than ever before.  Whether you need ongoing support in building your advocacy program or just want to utilize our proprietary system, our team is ready to help.

Who We Serve

Corporate Entities   |    National Associations
State Associations   |    Non-Profits   |    Higher Education

We’ve successfully served organizations of all sizes and budgets.  From local associations to Fortune 100 companies, organizations that see the immense value of putting their own people back into the public-policy process have turned to RAP Index.  It’s authentic.  And it works.

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